Sara L.

As a professional singer and a voice teacher, Amy Chapman is the only voice therapist I trust for myself and my clients.  Where some think that speech language pathologists are only for people with vocal problems, Ms. Chapman proves that the opposite is true.  Even vocally self-aware professionals can carry laryngeal tension around with them.  One of the things Amy is great at is laryngeal massage (and she's one of very few people licensed to do it), and while any teacher/coach wants our clients reduce their laryngeal tension through optimal technique, Amy shows us just how relaxed we can be, so we can work to achieve that on our own.  She is able to speak two languages -- doctor/technique speak as well as the translation of that into something regular humans (my clients) can understand.  She's absolutely the best, and she's also got a relaxed attitude that works well for scared people who don't like doctors' offices.  I'm so thankful to be able to refer anyone who needs an SLP to such a caring, capable speech language pathologist.


Fletcher S.

"As a singer, I can't imagine life without Amy. Using your voice to make a living can create issues. She's like a sports therapist for your larynx - I can't endorse her enough. Anyone who feels tension or fatigue when they phonate should immediately book a session with Amy."

Jesse P.

"Amy is SO awesome!! I'm a professional singer and every now and then, a busy workload or upper respiratory infection gets my vocal cords a little out of whack...which causes a massive panic attack about the state of my voice. When I've needed her, Amy has been there to calm me down and with the help of her magic hands I've been back up and running in no time. Amy is super professional and knowledgeable and has excellent bedside manner. Highly recommended to any singer who needs a little tuneup. Thanks so much Amy!"


I am a voice over actor and not a singer, but never before was I taught to sing in the way Amy taught me. Her method was so simple- she taught me how to teach myself which was so new to me. She taught me how to control my muscles in my throat that made me really understand what others have been trying to tell me for years. I am so grateful to have her in my life!

Greg W. 

Amy is fantastic!  she showed me techniques i hadn't even dreamed of as far as working on my upper floaty register and i've been a pretty self-sufficient pro singer with "chords of steel" for 30 years.  she taught me that all of your muscles in your neck are pretty related and they affect your instrument if they are tight and she knows exactly how to relieve all of that stress.  when it came time to start using my instrument heavily again after my sinus surgery, i was like, "meh, i don't need a vocal therapist".  boy am i glad i gave it a chance.